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The Parents' Review:

"I really like Mrs. Fosten's structured day.  She sticks to her schedule and I like the fact that she is no nonsense when it comes to work... The best thing is that Laren wants to go to school every day with no problem; even running to the door" -Karen Blackmon                ----------------------------------------------------When Angelo started Creative Beginnings he was only 2 years old; and in our eyes he was still a baby.  However, in that year Angelo started dressing himself and showing me that he was independent.  Angelo was writing, reading and doing math.  I was amazed; Mrs. Fosten had my little baby growing up before my eyes.  God Bless you Mrs. Fosten.  Keep up the good work.   -Mrs. Tenion                     ----------------------------------------------------             Click to Read More


Our daughter has been a student at Creative Beginnings since she was 3 years old.  We have been beyond impressed with the quality of care and education provided by Mrs. Fosten and her teachers.  Not only is it an above average learning experience for our little girl, but the nurturing. family-oriented and disciplined environment supports the values that we teach at home.  And she has fun too!


- Charles and Alex Davis


We cannot say enough nice things about Creative Beginnings Preschool Academy!

Our three year old use to cry every day when we dropped him off at him previous  day care, not to mention he was sick every other week.  His first day he cried a little, but hasn't cried since and to my surprise hasn't had a cold symptoms.

Although, Mrs. Fosten and her staff demand far more than what is required of these young minds, they are excited and eager to learn.

Mrs. Fosten has a very low turn over rate even though she has a rigorous program.  Creative Beginnings is absolutely the best program in the area and in the community.

We know that when our son leaves Creative Beginnings he will be well equipped to attend any elementary school with a solid foundation.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have our son attend this outstanding Academy!  And we look forward to the next couple of meaningful learning experiences.

Kudos to the entire staff!

P.S. Thanks to Mr. Fosten for the homemade healthy meals!


Creative Beginnings is a school of "EXCELLENCE."  My daughter Naki knows how to read, write, spell, and count money, along with many other things.  Mrs. Fosten Fosten goes above and beyond in preparing the kids for 1st grade.  Naki graduated from Creative Beginnings and now my son Duke attends and is following along the same path as his sister.
- The Neal Family thanks you Creative Beginnings


Creative Beginnings has been a real blessing to my husband and I for our son Christian.  We love knowing that he is in a safe, nurturing and great learning environment.  It is wonderful to know when we drop him off everyday that he is ready and excited for school.  As parents, you want to know that your child is growing and flourishing.  We definitely can see Christian growing and maturing.  I would like to say thanks to Mrs. Fosten and her staff for all that you do to instill early learning developmental skills in the children at Creative Beginnings.

- The Bells'

Creative Beginnings Preschool Academy is a hidden treasure that my husband and I were elated to discover.  A wonderful mixture of an engaged environment, fun; but challenging curriculum blended with warmth and love creates the perfect fit for involved  parents and their children.  Our first daughter I'mani graduated from Creative Beginnings Kindergarten Class of 2009.  I'mani is excelling as a 1st grade student, and has been assigned to advance reading class.  By teacher recommendation, she also participates in Talent and Development, a program designed to prepare student for the Talented and Gifted program.  Our second daughter Milan also attends Creative Beginnings, and from the look of thigs, she is on her way to being well-rounded and as smart as her big sister.  Creative Beginnings is phenomenal, and we are honored that they've been an instrumental force behind our daughters' academic success.

- The Barnes Family

Creative Beginnings has the perfect name and has been the perfect place for my daughter.  Our family just moved to Georgia and finding a loving and positive learning environment for our kids was top priority on our list.  I could not have found a better place.  Mrs. Fosten is AWESOME!  You see and feel her dedication, motivation, and drive instantly upon entering her doors.
We were truly blessed to find her!
- The Gillards

Creative Beginnings Preschool has been a very enjoyable experience for me and my child.  Kelsi has been attending Creative Beginnings since August.  In four months, Kelsi has mastered many basic skills.  She has learned 40 sight words, in which, she can identify, spell and use them in a sentence.  She is able to read books on her level and sound out unfamiliar words.  She has also started adding one and two digit numbers.  Mrs. Fosten uses many different teaching techniques with her students.  She uses various manipulatives, games, and computer programs in her daily lessons.  Kelsi enjoys learning and looks forward to going to school everyday.  I highly recommend Creative Beginnings Pre-School to anyone who wants their child to receive a strong educational foundation.
- Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Creative Beginnings Pre-School Academy is the perfect pre-school for any child.  My daughter, Kennedy attended Creative Beginnings for two years.  Upon entering kindergarten she was tested in reading and math.  Not surprisingly, she tested into first grade and I was given the option of skipping her to the first grade.  The strong foundation that Mrs. Fosten provides for children is fantastic.  With Mrs. Fosten being a certified elementary school teacher, she understands the need for a strong foundation in phonics, sight words, and group reading time.  As a  second teacher myself, I was amazed when Kennedy left Mrs. Fosten reading better than some of my own students.  Mrs. Fosten laid a strong math foundation and all of her students exited the school knowing how to count to 100 and having learned their math facts from 1-9 (which is really 1st grade work).  The low teacher to child ratio, loving, family environment, and hands on learning that occurred everyday, caused Kennedy to flourish academically and socially.  My husband and I love Mrs. Fosten so much, we have already placed our youngest daughter, Kendall on the waiting list for next year, when she turns 2 years old.  

You cannot go wrong with this pre-school!
- Mr. and Mrs. Arrington


Creative Beginnings is a wonderful, nurturing childcare center that provides various strategies of learning to their students.  Through painting, cooking and songs, my 2 year old has learned to count to 29, say his letters and sounds A-F, days of the week and months of the year.  Most importantly, he has learned to share and follow directions!  Mrs. Fosten and Mrs. Kelley are truly a blessing!  I thank God that I can drop my child off and not worry about his day because I know he's in great hands.

- Julia Harris


Creative Beginnings Preschool Academy is a wonderful start for any preschool aged child.  My son was a student there and he is very advanced for a 4 year old.  When he first came to the school, he wasn't writing any words. But now, he can spell his name, write his numbers 1 to 100, and write his letters A to Z (capital and lower case).

The children at Creative Beginnings are #1 priority.  Mrs. Fosten works with the children according to where they are and when she starts teaching them, they advance from there.  Creative Beginnings is a great introduction to school life.  Their day is structured from start to finish.

I would recommend this school to anyone!!!
-Mrs. Linda M. Pope
 Mother of Zemario J. Riley

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